Campus Revitalization

Much discussion has revolved around needed maintenance of the LGUMC campus.  First impressions count.  Therefore, the Administrative Council on 23 May 2016 approved a $65,000 fundraising campaign to enhance our property.  Here are the projects being included within this campaign, listed in priority order.

1.  Clean, repair and paint exterior of both the sanctuary and FLC        ($22,300)

You may note that the sanctuary and Family Life Center now reflect a renewed image with cleaning, stucco repairs, and our fresh coats of paint.
2.  Landscape around campus                                                                     ($3,000)

Thanks to the Fox, Mueller, and other families, new plantings have been established around the sanctuary.  Beautiful colors now accent our freshly painted properties.
3.  Repair the circle in front of the sanctuary                                               ($  4,500)

We're now raising funds to clean, seal, and repaint the circle in front of the sanctuary. 
4.  Install an electronic sign board near W. Daughtery Rd                        ($30,000)
5.  Contingency for cost overruns                                                                ($  1,800)

Projects will be started as funds are available. 

We hope that our renewed emphasis on our campus will help draw others to 'check out' our community of faith.