Electronic Bill Pay

Electronic (online) bill pay may be offered by either your bank or credit union.  If this service is offered without charge, there is neither a cost to you nor to the Lake Gibson United Methodist Church.

You may set this service to send money out of your bank/credit union account, either once or repetitively, to the Lake Gibson United Methodist Church.

With planning, this is a great way to insure that your contribution automatically shows up to support the ministry of the church.

To set up this type of online bill pay you’ll set up a new payee (Lake Gibson United Methodist Church) at your online bill pay website.


You may need the following information to setup your payment:

Payee:       Lake Gibson United Methodist Church

Address:    ATTN:  Treasurer

                  424 West Daughtery Road,

                   Lakeland, FL 33809-3315

Phone:  (863) 858-5431)

and your account number ________________

If you make individual contributions, each time you want to pay you’ll log into your bank's/credit union's online bill pay system and enter the amount of the current contribution, follow their instructions, and you’re done. The bank will print and mail a check that will pull money from your account.

If you setup repetitive contributions, your bank/credit union will continue to transfer funds until you direct them to make a change.

Online bill pay can really make your life easier. Once you set it up, you can reduce lost payments and the amount of time you spend shuffling papers. Give online bill pay a try.