Ever wonder if the church received your last contribution?  Are you up-to-date on your pledg?  With password protection, you can now access your family’s Giving History without waiting for a year-end printed giving statement.  Each recorded transaction may be seen, showing the date, amount, and account into which it was directed.   

 Our Servant Keeper online system will permit you to:

1.     View your own family’s up-to-date Giving History.   

2.     View the entire LGUMC Church Directory

3.     Edit your own family’s individual Church Directory entries

 How do you gain access while protecting your privacy?  Follow the links below and in a few minutes you can view your family’s Giving History, see the Membership Directory and have the ability to modify your family’s records.

1.  Membership Directory Access

a.  Go to https://directory.servantpc.com/Lake_Gibson_UMC  

b.  Type in this Key :  “ LGUMC-Web-Directory “

c.  You now have access to the entire Church Directory where you can click on family records to see more public data.   It may take a few moments to load as photos and data are being transmitted.

d.  Save the URL in your browser’s favorites for near-instant access 

2.  First Time Directory Update and Giving History access:  

a.  Go to https://directory.servantpc.com/login

b.  First time, click “haven’t registered yet”

Complete the screen to receive an e-mail permitting access

Respond to e-mail to create personal password and get full access

Go to https://family-edit.servantpc.com/Lake_Gibson_UMC/login , type in your e-mail address and password, and have instant access.

Update personal information and access family Giving History

c.  Subsequent times:

Type in your e-mail address and password to see your profile (family and individual) as well as your Giving History for the current year.