Prayer Ministry

P.U.S.H. - Pray Until Something Happens

     Current Prayer Requests

Please turn in a prayer card during Sunday service to assure a prayer request

reaches all the prayer ministries’ groups so prayers will continue throughout

the week.  This will also ensure that all information received is accurate. 

You may hand them to an usher during offering. 

Prayers will then continue for one month.

     Turning in a prayer card does not move the individual to the Prayer Journal. 

If you would like someone added to the Prayer Journal please contact

Fran Mudge @ 863-858-3935 or Sue Shelton @ 863-853-9212.

     The Prayer Journal is usually reserved for those facing long term health

concerns or receiving treatments for a serious illness.

     Whether on a prayer card or prayer journal keep prayer ministries informed

of any changes so our prayers will meet the needs of each individual.

     Please take the Prayer Journal home with you and include these individuals

in your daily prayers.  The journal also can be accessed on our church’s website.

     If you are interested in becoming a part of our prayer ministries please contact

either phone numbers listed above.

Thank you and God Bless.  Prayer Ministries.