Salty Service

When Jesus called his disciples, "The salt of the earth" he did so because he wanted
us to live the kind of lives and do the kind of things that "glorify our Father in heaven"
Matthew 5:13-16). For these reasons we constantly engage in "Salty Service" activities
which include anything we say and do in Christ's Name for the welfare of others.
Salty Service is demonstrating the love of God in a Practical way
and encompasses four broad parameters:
-Alleviate physical suffering of others;
-Challenge systems that cause suffering;
-Care for God’s creation;
-Ease emotional or spiritual needs of others.
We believe Salty Service springs from salvation not for salvation and the
benefits are awesome. With each act of Salty Service:
- We continue the ministry and mission of Jesus;
- The Kingdom of God comes to us and through us changing us and the world
at the same time;
- Our souls are filled with joy;
- We demonstrate the love of God in a practical way to others in need;
- We share our faith non-verbally and verbally;
- Others experience the God that cares and is with them no matter what;
-We preserve the moral and spiritual integrity of the world, release the flavors
of the Kingdom of God, and stimulate people's thirst and hunger for Jesus.

The Lake Gibson United Methodist church strives to be missionaries

in our local community, as well as other states and countries,

by following our Vision Statement –

“To be a Joyful Church Family that is Crucial to our Community”