Neighborhood Missions Ministry

            The Lord put a new mission into the hearts of people in LGUMC’s United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women early this year to live the church’s vision of Sharing God’s Love through Action -- One Person at a Time. 

             Starting in 2015 the UMW had been studying Joining Jesus on His Mission by Greg Finke, which urged us to go into neighborhoods and ask people how God is working in their lives.  This action can open up a relationship with those outside the church.  At the same time, the UMM were looking for projects they could do to help others in need.  A church member identified a single mother with physical challenges who needed help maintaining her home. 

             Once the need was identified, LGUMC members rallied to find out what needed to be done, identify who would do it and begin helping.  Thus Neighborhood Missions Ministry was born; there are now 3 families being served.  To date 43 church members have become Neighborhood Missionaries.  The Ministry asks only that a missionary work 2 hours a month, or 2 hours on a project at one time, making the work doable by most congregants.  Everyone is invited to become a missionary, as there are tasks that don’t require physical labor, such as assessing the needs of the family and reporting on status of work. 

            The goal of the program is share Jesus’s love in the neighborhoods surrounding our church, serving people who may or may not be members.  The ministry is not intended to be a one-time “work party”, but a continuing, supportive relationship with people who need to be shown God’s love. 

            The photo below shows part of the work performed during a Neighborhood Mission on April 30, 2016.  (Pictured are Lee Mueller on the ladder, Rick Mueller holding the ladder and Mike Stafford holding the electrical cord.  Ten 10 missionaries have worked on the first home.)